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Teaching Philosophy Statement

“Our students need to know that their voices are welcome, worthy, and powerful.”               

                                                                                                      - Gholdy Muhammed


My teaching philosophy is based on my belief that students learn best when inquiry is framed as an adventure, and learning goals are rooted in discovery,  fascination, wonder, and meaning-making. In my classroom,  I view my students and their expanding learning capacities through a holistic lens. 

I believe that students’ academic mindset and students’ socio-emotional development are inextricably linked. Student identities, cultural backgrounds, lived experiences, and funds of knowledge are celebrated in our robustly responsive and restoratively-based classroom environment. 

My student-centered teaching practice deepens student engagement and presents learning opportunities in ways that feel relevant to my students' lives. Creating learning opportunities that honor my students' own genius is the key to creating a classroom culture that embraces inquiry as an adventure. In my student-centered learning environment, intertwining content with student interest deepens student engagement of our learning content which facilitates and fosters student agency. Student agency deepens students’ ownership and investment of their learning. Through this process, my students self-actualize and appreciate their own individual genius. 

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